Who Exhibits

The Patient Show will consist of over 1,200sqm of exhibition space.

Did you Know?

The Central Bank of Nigeria has directed banks to open a special section to provide forex for basic travel allowance and medical tourism in order to meet the growing demand

Exhibitors at the Patient Show 2018 will come from healthcare facilities looking to increase their patient numbers in Nigeria, across Africa and around the world. We will fulfil our duty to support local healthcare providers while at the same time enabling people access to discover more about care options and providers outside the region.

A special zone in the show will highlight the best of local care onsite meaning that Nigerian providers can showcase their services on a global platform.


Exhibitors will include:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Cosmetic and aesthetic surgery centres
  • Medical cities
  • Government bodies, ministries and consulates
  • Tourism boards, travel agents and tour operators
  • Specialist patient transfer operators
  • Health and medical spas
  • Accreditation bodies
  • Healthcare app’s

Geographic Breakdown


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