Why Exhibit?

Showcase your facility and services to over 2,500 people involved in patient care and transfer.

Did you Know?

Over 5,000 Nigerians travel abroad for treatment every month!

The Patient Show 2018 will provide a unique platform for healthcare facilities from around the world to meet both with patients and those responsible for organising patient transfer from one of the world’s largest sources of outbound patients – West Africa.

  • Meet directly with patients keen to find out more about what their treatment provider options are
  • Create new business relationships with the people and organisations – both in public and private healthcare – who are responsible for selecting facilities on behalf of large groups of patients on a monthly basis
  • Present your business to a country of over 180 million people

Being an exhibitor will give you the opportunity to build your brand’s awareness locally, and establish that bond and trust with potential clients and patients that the internet just cannot do.

People you will meet at the Patient Show 2018 include:

  • Patient/medical transfer facilitators
  • Private sector employers – oil and gas, finance and banking, etc …
  • Government representatives – international embassies and local bodies
  • Insurance companies
  • The public looking for treatment advice for themselves or on behalf of friends and family
  • Travel agencies
  • Hotels, accommodation and airlines
  • Doctors and hospital management looking for referral programmes and partnerships
  • NGO’s
  • Other healthcare professionals involved in providing or organising access to the best patient care options in the region and around the world


Click here to request a call back from one of The Patient Show team who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.