Show Features

The Patient Show will provide numerous interactive features onsite that go beyond the fundamentals of an exhibition. 

The exciting range of interactive features taking place within the Patient Show 2018 will make it stand out from standard exhibitions.

Visitors will be provided with many opportunities to meet with and see what exhibitors have to offer. Presentations in special show theatres and meeting areas will maximise the experience of everyone onsite. It will be a forum to share in-depth information on what patients are looking for, what exhibitors can offer, and how patients can access this.

Procedure Presentation
Platform (PPP)


The PPP will showcase a wide range of different medical procedures throughout the 2 days. Attendance will be free to attendees who will be able to engage and learn comprehensively about various procedures available to them.

Presentations will be delivered by doctors and healthcare professionals allowing time for Q&As. The programme will be delivered by exhibitors and will cover all major procedure areas, elective and non-elective.

This really is a unique opportunity to engage a focussed audience of both local doctors from the field and people who are considering treatment in a particular treatment area.

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With medical expertise from around the world attending, we are providing local doctors with the tools to ask for advice about the best treatment options regarding real cases.

The Patient Show 2018 team is already working with local healthcare facilities and doctors to identify medical cases which have been difficult or impossible to treat fully within their own facilities. Doctors will be given a forum to present these real-life case histories at the show, in the hope of finding potential care solutions from the extensive exhibitor network.

By promoting this sort of engagement with other providers, locally and internationally, you can play a part in ensuring better patient outcomes.

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As a gesture to support local facilities the Patient Show is looking to provide scheduled trips to local hospitals for attendees who may be interested to get a behind the scenes tour of the facilities available to them locally. All trips can be scheduled from the exhibition.

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